Join Us!

The Banana Festival at the Port is interested in banana merchandise, unique arts and crafts, and quality offerings to promote at the 2024 Banana Festival date Saturday, September 28, 2024, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Whether you are new to the Festival or you were with us last year, we kindly ask that all interested Vendors review all the information provided below.

Application Deadline: August 16, 2024
To be considered for the Festival all applications must be submitted by the deadline. Applications received after this date will be accepted ONLY IF space is still available and a $50 late fee is paid. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for consideration. Vendors will be notified whether they have been accepted into the Festival. All payments will be returned if the vendor is not accepted.

More detail for Food Vendors
Please note the festival holds the exclusive rights to sell ALL carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, iced tea and bottled fruit juices at the Festival. Only a limited number of specialty beverage vendors will be permitted.

Inspections & Permits
You and your workers must comply with all Health Department requirements during the event. Inspectors will issue your permit on the opening day of the Festival if Health Code requirements are met during the inspection. Food preparation cannot begin until the permit is issued.

Vendor Sinks
The Festival will provide hot and cold, three-compartment sinks for food vendor use at the Festival. Please advise us if you are bringing your own three-compartment sink.

Application Process

Step 1
Download and review the APPLICATION COMING SOON This is a reference for Festival Vendor Rules & Procedures and Selection Criteria and also contains the application.

Step 2
All interested exhibitors must submit a Vendor Application before the deadline.
Please note that Corporate and professional service exhibitors permitted only if official Festival sponsors. Email

We are accepting new arts and crafts, retail vendors, pre-packaged food vendors any organizations that provide food- especially banana creations. Download and review the Banana Festival Application now. Feel free to send an inquiry email for pre-approval to to make sure we do not have a duplicate vendor already confirmed.

Step 3
Included with all applications must be:

  1. A Current Photo of your booth display showing your product selection. (if not previously emailed)
  2. A Valid Certificate of Insurance naming the Port of Hueneme Banana Festival/ Port of Hueneme (Oxnard Harbor District) as additional insured for Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm OR Insurance may be purchased through the Festival for $85 and a completed Festival Insurance Application that was included in the Vendor Packet. (OK to submit after approved.)
  3. Food Vendors must also include with their application a Health Department Application and appropriate fees payable to Ventura County (DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Please send to us with a check payable to Ventura County EHD). Pre-packaged not sampling vendors must submit a TFF-2 Operator Application (no fee needed) while anyone giving out samples or selling food must fill out a TFF-1 Temporary Food Facility Operator Application (fees apply). We encourage you to read over the full Health Department Instructions.